Into the Fire

I was on my way home from work one day, and I was stopped, sitting at a stoplight. The evening was bright and sunny, one of those cloudless blue sky days. I was just listening to the radio and all of a sudden I hear sirens and a horn blaring. From the opposite direction comes a fire engine, enroute to a fire or an accident somewhere.

As the truck is passing by, I’m watching it and I look in the rear of the cab, behind the driver where the rest of the firefighters are. They’re busy, putting on gear, layer after layer. I catch a glimpse of this one fireman, on the side of the truck closest to me – he’s young and I can tell he’s fit, well trained. And he too is busy, putting on his gear. Continue reading “Into the Fire”

Traveling the Lesser Road

We could all take the easy road. And more often than not – we do. Usually, we’re looking for that path of least resistence in life, that comfortable paved road that we’ve driven a thousand times that we know like the back of our hand. We want things faster, cheaper, and easier. We want an “App” for everything, and we want it now! On the surface that’s not a bad thing. Efficiency is good.  But when does efficiency turn into complacency? When does comfort turn into laziness?

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