Sunday, 12/24/17 – The Ultimate House

David has a great idea!  I can see Him sitting in His palace with Nathan, maybe over some wine, looking out at the vineyards below and suddenly David blurts out – “I got it! I’m going to build God a house!”  Nathan’s like, “Yeah, OK. Well, do what’s in your heart and God will be with you.”

God speaks to David through Nathan and is like, wait, what?

You want to do what? You want to build me a house? I didn’t ask for that nor can you even comprehend what that means. I Am the One who is building a house for you. I have been preparing the plans for this house from the beginning.  You humanity – are my house, and your very being, your body, is my house, my temple. So, David, I appreciate your thoughts and your heart. Your heart is why I chose you in the first place. But no, you don’t need to build me a house. I am building you a House, a Kingdom beyond your imagination, and the Foundation, the Cornerstone, is on His way.”

Okay, maybe it didn’t go exactly like that, but that is how I interpret that first reading today that we all have our plans and our great things we want to do – even great things we want to do for God – but in the end we are all just pieces in His larger plan, a plan which always trumps our own, and always for better. Because we cannot imagine, we cannot fathom God’s plan and the things He wants to do, the things He has already set in motion.

And so really, while we’re all striving to live the best lives we can, be the best Catholics we can, be the best hosts we can this Christmas, and give the best gifts we can, and even as we profess that we are doing all these things for God, we must know that God’s plan will present itself to us in due time, and we must be open to see it.

And we must be obedient when we do. It likely won’t be God speaking to us through a prophet, nor are we likely going to have an Angel appear to us informing us of some great event that is going to happen that we are the center of. And yet, we are, the center of His plan. We are the reason for the season, that Jesus was sent to this earth as a baby, and ultimately will pay the price for our dysfunction.

We are God’s house, His temple – individually and collectively as humanity – through His Son Jesus. This is God’s hope, and it’s why He created us. He lives in us, and we are to live through Him.

But in the end, we’ve got to be obedient to His plan, and most times let our own go. Often, we will have setbacks.

I write this today as A Catholic Moment’s website has been hacked. It was a couple weeks ago and we are seeing some more serious, residual effects from that attack which have resulted in the website being shut down until it can be fixed.

I see this as a good thing though. You know why?  Because all of us – we writers and you as readers – are doing the right thing. We’re striking a chord. We’re making a difference. This site has been growing, God has been speaking through us, and you all have been receiving His message all around the world.

The enemy does not like this. We have a deep hope in Christ, in Him and the reason for His coming, and we are seeking to make ourselves and humanity better, all through Him.

We want to help God build His house, one block at a time, and we know that the coming of Jesus and His miraculous birth transcends time and space and is not an event that just occurred 2000 years ago, but one that continues to happen and just be – forever.

This house we are building with God has an immense Foundation, one that can withstand anything, and so a little attack like this is not going to stop us, which is why I speak to you today through other means, from another room in the house, so to speak.

There will be setbacks. There will be times when our plan, while we feel it so strong in our hearts, pales in comparison to God’s plan. There will be times when God comes to us, requesting our direct help in His grand plan.

These reflections, as writers and as readers, is one way we are all helping directly in God’s plan to build His House that will stand for eternity.

Jesus is here. He is about to be born. Whatever setbacks and trials you have faced this year, know that Jesus has the answer, that He is the foundation that will never break. Through Him we are all strong, and through Him, we withstand anything. And together we live with God for eternity.

Today’s Readings for Mass

2 SM 7:1-5, 8B-12, 14A, 16; PS 89; ROM 16:25-27; LK 1:26-38

8 Replies to “Sunday, 12/24/17 – The Ultimate House”

  1. Joe. I am devestated that the site is down. It’s how I begin my day How will all of us out here know when it is up and running again? This has left such a hole in my heart. Thank GOD that i found this site to connect with you.

    1. Thank you Joe for posting from your site. I have been following ACM for close to a year now, it also is how I begin my day. Doing the daily readings then going to ACM for reflections. Hope you are up and running soon. Merry Christmas to you and all at ACM and all your followers. Thanks to ACM

      1. Just letting you know I tried to access Carolyn Berghuis through her site via ACM Facebook page for a post as you did but access was denied. Really hope and pray the ACM site will be up and running soon!! Once again Merry Christmas to all!! God Bless !!

  2. Thank you Joe. We so appreciate your work on getting your reflections out to us all. Wishing all of you writers and the community of readers a blessed Christmas ❤️

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