Traveling the Lesser Road – Reboot

We could all take the easy road. And more often than not – we do. Usually, we’re looking for that path of least resistence in life, that comfortable paved road that we’ve driven a thousand times that we know like the back of our hand. We want things faster, cheaper, and easier. We want an “App” for everything, and we want it now! On the surface that’s not a bad thing. Efficiency is good.  But when does efficiency turn into complacency? When does comfort turn into laziness? When does it begin to control us?

There comes a point when we get used to doing the same old things in our lives, careers, and families – and we stop growing. We stop learning. But we want to keep going on this path because its smooth and easy and comfortable. It’s like running – if you don’t run some hills every now and then and push yourself, you’re never going to get faster. You’re never going to get stronger. Sometimes you’ve got to get off the paved path and run the rocky trail to strengthen your legs. It may be scary, you may be in danger of falling. But you’re going to get tougher. You’re going to build character. It’s about taking the lesser road – the one that is less traveled – if you ever want to grow, no matter what it is you do.

This is what this site is about. Taking the lesser road in life – sometimes voluntarily, sometimes you’re forced down that road. And in my experiences, I’ve done both.  As I’ve progressed in life and in my faith, I’ve been trying to embrace those times when the lesser road has been thrust upon me, and I’ve been trying to take the lesser road as it has been presented to me. Because what I am learning is that the path to realizing your potential and ultimately to greatness in Heaven lies in the road that is less traveled, and so I’m looking for these opportunities to take this path more often. Sometimes it’s risky. Sometimes it’s scary. It always get’s you out of your comfort zone. Sometimes it blindsides you and you have to react and make the best of it. But every time it is a learning experience. The lesser road never fails you. It always makes you stronger.

As I resume my work on this site, I’m going to share with you my travels down this road, the things I learn and encounter. I look forward to continuing on this journey, and hope that you make it with me.

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