Traveling the Lesser Road – Reboot

We could all take the easy road. And more often than not – we do. Usually, we’re looking for that path of least resistence in life, that comfortable paved road that we’ve driven a thousand times that we know like the back of our hand. We want things faster, cheaper, and easier. We want an “App” for everything, and we want it now! On the surface that’s not a bad thing. Efficiency is good.  But when does efficiency turn into complacency? When does comfort turn into laziness? When does it begin to control us?

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Final Thoughts On Our Pilgrimage

As we were driving into Indiana last night, it was after the sun had went down over the horizon, but the colorful splendor of its’ setting was filling the western sky with a beautiful, warm glow. There were clouds overhead, but there was a break just before the horizon, almost as if a curtain was being dropped on the day. As we continued towards Indianapolis – towards home – the curtain of clouds kept dropping lower and lower, but the glow of the setting sun still shown a little until when we got home.

It was as if God was lifting up the curtain, peaking under, making sure we were making it home OK, until when we got off at the 116th Street exit, he let the curtain fall on this pilgrimage as if to say, welcome home. Job well done, my good and faithful servant.

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World Meeting of Families – Day 3: New Evangelization in HD!

Busy day today… We drove in for the first time (took the train the other days) and were able to check into our hotel in the morning. We are at 17th and Chestnut St. – near the epicenter of all that will be happening this weekend. The busyness in downtown Philadelphia is increasing by the moment as the City prepares for Pope Francis. Add to that the excitement the Pope already being in D.C. and now New York and the anticipation has only further increased. People are flocking into the City in droves now, from every direction. Vendors on the streets selling souvenirs, the faithful seeing the sites, it is truly a great scene.

But with all the excitement and anticipation – the reason the Pope is coming here, the reason he has come to this country, in light of what others may say, is because of this World Meeting of Families.

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