I love running with my son Joseph. I love coaching him in cross-country, and I love it when he chooses to run with me when I go out for my runs. Sometimes in the past, he would get so upset, and I would get so frustrated if he didn’t try his best, but I’ve worked through that. A wise woman (my wife) told me once, that some days, he just needs his dad, not his coach. I’ve taken that to heart…

And now, he really wants to be out there with me. He wants to get better, and faster. But yet, I’m still going to be his dad first, coach second. I want him to have fun, and love running for life. I’m going to use running though. I’m going to use it to teach him virtues and discipline in life, and use it as time to bond. But I also know that he will teach me so much more.

Today, its about puddles.

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