Festival of Families – Love and Energy

Wow! I am exhausted, so todays post is going to be a bit of a short one…:) And besides, I’m still processing the day, and it’s hard to write it all out right now, so a lot more will come out at a later time. But we started the day early. We were up and out of the hotel at 9:30am and walked to the Cathedral where the Pope was celebrating Mass. We waited for over an hour for him to come out, but he must have snuck out a side door because we did not see him. But the energy and the atmosphere was amazing!  During the Mass, they showed the Mass on large jumbo-trons and we listened to it over the speakers, and in quite a stunning moment during the Gospel Acclamation, some of the clouds moved out of the way and a circular rainbow showed around the sun, and lasted for the duration of Mass. Truly the Holy Spirit was looking down on the day!

We fought through the crowds and moved into the ticketed area of Ben Franklin Parkway and just soaked up the scene!  We found a nice spot right on the curb at 22nd St and Ben Franklin Parkway and camped out for the day. As the day progressed, more and more people just kept pouring in and at one point I looked back and it was 10 people deep back from the fence all along the street on both sides. People from many different countries, cultures and backgrounds, all there for one reason – our faith and to see our Holy Father.

And around 7pm, it began, the Papal parade. We saw security start moving slowly and sure enough, there was the Pope in His
Pope-mobile, all lit up in the evening twilight. It was truly an amazing and energy-filled sight. Words just cannot explain.

Really the day was just about a super energy, one that kept us focused and happy all day, and the love of the people. I don’t recall any tempers flaring or altercations in the hundreds of thousands, if not over a million people in attendance. Surely there were frustrations and I’m sure there were some issues, but all in all, it was such a peace-filled event.

And tomorrow, we get to do it all over again!  We’ll get up, head out in the morning and spend the day on the Parkway and wait for Pope Francis to celebrate Mass. I am so looking forward to this. Tomorrow will be such a special and spiritual day – I cannot wait to spend it with my family.

Until tomorrow, God Bless.

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